India: Helpers of the "Poor" - Beaten up by Them

Nazareth Hospital in Mokama, Bihar, India, run by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, was devastated by an angry mob on July 15, AsiaNews.it reported.

The violence was triggered after Pankaj Kumar Singh, 40, was shot riding a motorbike on his way home. Singh was taken to Nazareth Hospital where he was pronounced dead, but those who had brought him in insisted that he needed to be revived.

Then, they, about 30 people, started trashing the facility. A nun was beaten, nurses and patients were terrorised. Local police stood idly by without taking action.

In 1979 Father Francis Martinsek, a US Jesuit who served as the hospital’s chaplain, was shot by unknown people and died.

More from the religion of peace?
India is overwhelmingly a Hindu country, and Christians of all sorts get trouble from some Hindus. So Muslims are not likely to have been involved.
Hindus also claim "peace" not just the pagan Mosley's,in fact all the violent pseudo religions claim peace but you are right I should have said this up front ,thank you for the correction