Old Mass Attracts Young Families "Very Much" - Cardinal Burke

The Old Mass could contribute to the Church's spiritual renewal "very much", according to Cardinal Raymond Burke.

Answering to questions after his talk in Bratislava, Slovakia, on April 27, Burke explained that the Old Latin Mass was celebrated over a time span of fourteen centuries and has a "tremendous beauty".

Burke was not afraid to admit that the alleged "reform of the liturgy" after Second Vatican Council ended "in all kind of abuses".

After that, Catholics stopped attending Mass because the outcome of the "reform" was "not holy and did not attract".

Burke has noticed that in the U.S. many young people with children are "very attracted" to the Roman rite.

A day later, Cardinal Burke celebrated the Old Latin Mass in St Elisabeth in Bratislava.

The church was full of young people and young families. filmed the liturgy.


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Screenshot with young people from multiple backgrounds, taken from the video feed for the Pontifical High Mass at Marys Shrine on Saturday, Washington D.C. (Archbishop Sample).
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