It's never old, hilarious, true and shows St. Patricks's importance

The problem with using analogies to explain the Holy Trinity is that you always end up confessing some ancient heresy. Let the patron saint of the Irish show you what I'm talking about.
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In the fifth century, St. Patrick “The Apostle of Ireland” evangelized Ireland, converting the region to Christ. Praying today’s Ireland embraces … More
Dr Stuart Reiss
Didnt know there was a race? Where where?

Juiz de Fora também rejeita "psicose" ambientalista e acolhe Cruzada pela Família

Além das campanhas em defesa da família, a caravana Cruzada pela Família, promovida pelo Instituto Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, divulgou em Juiz de Fora (MG) o livro "Psicose Ambientalista", que … More
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Fulton Sheen: Does God Know My Pain?

This video is the twelfth episode of the “Fulton Sheen Timeless Wisdom” project. The audio is part of “Christ in the Creed, Birth" from the Fulton Sheen’s lessons on the Catholic Catechism. Listen … More
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Dolan allows homosexual activists to take St. Patrick's parade in New York

Archdiocese remains silent by Stephen Wynne • ...
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Joseph a' Christian
It has been heartbreaking here in ny, Dolan has closed numerous Catholic schools, as poor mothers have pleaded with him to keep these beacons of … More

Momentous Picture. Saudi Kind and Christian motives

Muhammad bin Salman, Saudi king sits at the foot of the Lamb of God, flanked by the Holy Family to his right and Christ the King to his left.
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Benedict XVI, Pope Must Not Proclaim His Own Ideas

"The Pope's ministry is a guarantee of obedience to Christ and to His Word. He must not proclaim his own ideas, but rather constantly bind himself and the Church to obedience to God's Word, in the … More
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jose moctezuma
vale mencionar que: EL LEMA ESPIRITUAL DE BENEDICTO XVI " ES «COLABORADOR DE LA VERDAD», "POR QUE" ante todo me parecía que podían representar… More
You had your chance and blew it.

HOPEFUL SIGNS: French Catholic Stuns CPAC, Blasts EU

A Remnant Website Video: This is an accompanying video to Dr. Jesse Russell's new Remnant article on a hopeful sign from this year's CPAC. "France is in the process of passing from the eldest … More
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I'm not sure what she said, but that French accent is FANTASTIC!

What do you think of celebrity videos like this?

Actor Mark Wahlberg posted a video on instragram of himself and his wife with crosses of ash on their forehead, wishing his followers a happy Ash Wednesday (2018) and Valentine’s Day.
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Dr Stuart Reiss
POTFBE purveyors of the finest bovine excrement....”oh look at me im such a Catholic” what a lot of bull
They are phoneys and hypocrites. Cafeteria Catholic at best. They peddle evil by working in Hollywood. Wahlberg is a Democrat. The same party that … More
Could they find out how many of its employees support abortion?

UK bishops’ charity hired ex-Oxfam staffer involved in Haiti sex scandal

CAFOD has found itself embroiled in the massive Oxfam sex abuse scandal.
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Entertaining - From Atheist to Catholic

Jennifer Fulwiler - From Atheist to Catholic - 2015 Steubenville DFC
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@Josephmary why do you say freemanson? It's free mason.
Dr Bobus
The problem at Vat II was the theology of the likes of Kart Rahner and Edward Schilliebeeckx, which was inspired by German Existentialism. This is a … More
However, when the Italian bishops' conference adopted a new translation of the Bible in 2008, they chose "do not abandon us in temptation" for the Lord's Prayer both in Matthew 6 and Luke 11. The … More

Germans stick with wording; Italians to change at Mass

Lord's Prayer: Germans stick with wording; Italians to change at Mass
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Jesuit, a Dominican, and a Franciscan have a vision of the Holy Family

A Jesuit, a Dominican, and a Franciscan were walking around the cloister of an old monastery while they were on retreat, talking about the greatness of their respective founding saints and orders, …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
A Jesuit driving a fast car collided with a Benedcitine monk driving slow. They both got out of their wrecks shaken not hurt. And the Jesuit (in … More

Passion of the Christ actor: Be "warriors", risk for the Gospel

Jim Caviezel (who played Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ") talking to 8,000 college students at SLS18 in Chicago.
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The whole talk is good, but what he says from 7:10 onwards is great.
Is he Jim Caviezel?

Three Catholic Jokes - about Franciscans, Jesuits and Dominicans

A Franciscan and a Jesuit were close friends since the days in which they had both been novices. They were both smokers, and found it difficult to pray or study for more than an hour without having …
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pro-life testimony

This may be the most powerful pro-life testimony ever recorded—please watch and share!
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Please good people, do yourselves a favor and take 15 min to listen to this amazing young lady. She is a lion of God!
Jim Dorchak
Absolutely astoundingly beautiful and awe inspiring. Thank you for the video.
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Don't quite think this is a full list wasn't there a Pope Justinian who recanted a heresy he spoke on his deathbed. Also wasn't (if this isn't the … More
Dr Stuart Reiss
So no heretics yet