Cupich Adulates Homosexualist James Martin

Chicago Cardinal Cupich has called the homosexualist Jesuit James Martin “the foremost evangelizer in the Church today, especially for young people.” Talking at the University of Chicago, he added that Martin has “a wonderful message”.

Cupich then claimed that those who criticize Martin “have never read anything he has written.”

At this point, even the liberal public started laughing at the Cardinal’s words.

Picture: Blase Joseph Cupich, © Goat_Girl, Flickr, CC BY, #newsDtntrhaapi
James Martin SJ is doing a lot of harm - event to Team Francis. They start being hopelessly fractured.
How can anyone respect Cupasoup as a man, let alone a Cardinal. Betrayers of Christ are running a muck thanks to captain Judas Jorge!
birds of the feather stick together