Bishop With Human Face Defends Priest Attacked By Legalistic Cardinal

Tyler Bishop Strickland, Texas, defended on Twitter.com (January 19) Father Anthony Buś who was unjustly disciplined by Chicago Cardinal Cupich for presenting the reasons why Mass must be celebrated toward God.

Strickland wrote: “I’ve re-read Fr Buś’s letter and I see nothing disrespectful in his tone or in his actual words. It is a heartfelt cry from a priest who is hurting deeply and speaks for many, many others. He should be comforted rather than being disciplined.”

After this, Christopher Lamb, a Francis media activist, asked formore liberal vengeance suggesting that “the Vatican's Congregation for Bishops needs to consider some kind of inquiry” against Strickland.

Father Buś suffers from colon and liver cancer. He receives treatment every three weeks, yet maintains 24/7 adoration, a parish school with 300 children, and a soup kitchen. Having no associates, he offers Mass each weekend in Polish, Spanish and English.


Angelo Santelli
Like I have reviously counselled, were I a Priest in Cupich's fiefdom he would no longer have the breath to expectorate his filth.
We have met Fr. Buś and he is a very Holy and kind priest. God bless Father Buś. God bless Bishop Strickland, awesome Bishop.