TV Show with Pope Francis Was Flop

Pope Francis has been the interview-partner of “Our Father”, an eleven-part show broadcasted by the Catholic TV 2000 every Wednesday, from October to December 2017. The host was Father Marco Pozza, a liberal priest who dressed in sneakers and lay clothes.

The show was widely advertised through a big publicity campaign including every possible media. Father Pozza appeared on the main Italian TV channels.

But even the radical daily La Repubblica which almost has become Pope Francis’ personal parish-bulletin, had to admit on January 5 that the show reached an “embarrassingly low viewing rate”.

For the paper, this confirms that “on television, Pope Francis is worth half of Benedict XVI” who had an average audience of around 20 percent, while his successor reaches between 9 and 12 percent, another confirmation that theological liberalism, even if promoted by a pope, is unattractive for the general public.