Cardinal Caffarra “Suffered Terribly” Because of Pope Francis

An unnamed ex-journalist who is a Catholic, writes on Marco Tosatti's blog (January 6) that the late Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, one of the four Dubia cardinals, “suffered terribly” because Pope Francis had not deemed him worthy of an answer.

The ex-journalist adds, “The light-headed Bergoglio, who makes phone-calls to the right and to the left, who gives interviews like an actor, who appears at the birthdays of prelates close to him, who does not hesitate to take pen and paper in order to punish Cardinal Robert Sarah, never found half-an-hour to speak with a man who was held in the highest regard by John Paul II and Benedict XVI.”

When Francis visited Carpi in April 2017, Francis embraced Caffarra in front of the photographers. The ex-journalist writes, “With pain Caffarra told me that the Pope escaped him all day: he had cunningly limited himself to this photo.”

The ex-journalist comments, “How difficult it is to love your neighbour when he is close, and how easy it is to love the migrants, the foreigners from afar, when chatting from a balcony or pontificating on a plane!"

Picture: Carlo Caffarra, © Maurizio Lupi, CC BY, #newsIktfuaohpp
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Christ was betrayed by Judas and the good cardinal by Francis.