Ousted Caritas Boss Fires Back: “Incredible Violence”

Aloysius John, 66, the former head of Caritas Internationalis denounced in an Open Letter Francis’ November 2022 purge of Caritas. John, an Indian with a French passport, insists that Caritas was running well and was in a good financial position when he was sacked "hastily, with incredible violence and very poor public communication" which "brought the Church and one of its jewels, Caritas Internationalis, into disrepute". He called this “a brutal power grab" because Caritas leaders from wealthier northern regions had wanted to impose their will and had never wanted a southern leader for Caritas.


Wilma Lopez shares this
John highlights: that the commissioner failed to give a voice to the representatives, a sort of “colonialist attitude” of some members with financial power who want to impose their development model, and the dicastery’s desire to control Caritas Internationalis.