"I've done nothing wrong." Mary Wagner, another Christmas in jail

“I’d be very happy if you could release me” without having to sign a bail order, Wagner told the Court, but reiterated: “I’ve made it clear I’m not prepared to sign any bail conditions.”

Mary Wagner has been arrested an estimated 10 times for a total of about 4 years behind bars in defense of the defenseless, helpless, silent babes in the womb.

Mary's response is what is appropriate, normal, and just when innocent lives are within minutes of being violently ended due to no fault of their own. It is the rest of us who ought to think carefully why we are not willing to join her.

Please do not let her sacrifice go in vain. She never asks anyone to think of her, but to think of the babies. We all have a unique roll to play in the fight for life in the womb. Let's make sure we're doing the best, the most we can. There is an appropriate urgency even after 40+ years because many lives will be lost this day.

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St Turibio Romo
👏 Thank you Miss Wagner for your sacrificial love. You show the world what true love of Christ is. May God protect and guide you always. And may your work and your spirit bring many souls to repentance and conversion. Thank you God, for Mary Wagner!
Mary, you are a big consolation for us in the face of so much cowardice which is presently infesting the Church. Happy Christmas to you!