Enough Is Enough: Homosex Bishop Needs to Go

Catholics from Parramatta Diocese, Australia, submitted a formal 24-pages appeal with 43 attachments to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith calling for the removal of Vietnamese-born Bishop Vincent Long over his promotion of homosexuality.

The appeal follows multiple petitions that have received thousands of signatures accusing Long of causing scandal by promoting in diocesan schools teachings on homosexuality that contradict Church teachings and attacking parental rights ("Long Is Wrong").

The appeal further informs that Long persecuted two diocesan priests and removed them because they criticised the diocese’s heretical approach to homosexuality.

Father John Rizzo, the Diocesan exorcist, observed that Catholic schools under Bishop Long are “rife with a pro-homosexual agenda". He added that Long keeps propagating an "inclusivity" that includes everybody - except Catholics.

According to the tracking information, the appeal arrived in Vatican City on April 27. But according to (May 3), the congregation has denied its arrival...


Easy solution: ZERO donations/ e-giving. The Church today is a business. The CDF will pay a lot more attention when a bishop is so unpopular he's driving the diocesan balance sheets into the red.
Catholic Church gets much of its money from Government now -- Billions for settling in illegal immigrants....
Businessmen are greedy. They don't like seeing huge declines in their revenue.