Even God Cannot "Bless" Homosexual Liaisons - Cardinal

No one in the Church has the right to perform "homosex blessings", Cardinal Camillo Ruini, 90, told (May 4).

Ruini was commenting on German plans to do so on May 10. Homosexuals could, of course, be blessed, Ruini explained, "so that they convert," but not "so that they persist in sin." God himself is not able to bless sin, he said.

Ruini declares that the Church has not simply decided "not to bless” homosex-liaisons, but she could not do so at all, "According to the constant teaching of Sacred Scripture, Old and New Testament, and Church Tradition, homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered [sinful] because they cannot transmit life and are not founded on a real affective and sexual complementarity."

Yet, Ruini admitted that such blessings are becoming widespread in the Church. His hope is "that there will not be a schism" - although the schism has been there for a long time.

Picture: Camillo Ruini, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsQdwmonamoe

Cardinal Camillo another brave man telling the Gospel Truth that some people dont want to hear
Nor will He bless those who advocate for them!
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Pope St. Pius V, a great pope who we honor today, said that homosexual clergy should be handed over to the civil authorities to be put to death. You can read his papal document at this link: