Pell: "We Don't Need Another Protestant Church"

Cardinal George Pell celebrates his 80th birthday on 8 June in Sydney, Australia, in Covid quarantine.

He told the German KNA that he had no intention of completing a one-room quarantine. His time in solitary confinement has been enough for him.

So far he has had "a good life" and has no regrets and sees "no major mistakes." Early on, he said, he decided to do what was asked of him - "and I've basically done that on all the big issues." There is "a certain security" in that for Pell and it worked, he said.

Following the acquittal by Australia's Supreme Court, he said he was free again and also "publicly" no longer a convicted man.

For Pell, the abuse hoax is not the biggest of the Church's problems: "The numerical decline in vocations, in practising Catholics, started much earlier. And it continues despite the coming to terms [with the abuse hoax]."

The so-called abuse crisis does not require a complete rethink of Church structures, he stressed, "By following Church teaching, we have not sinned or committed major errors. Someone who follows doctrine is not committing abuse."

For Pell, it's clear that we don't need "another Protestant church" because "liberal Protestants are losing members even faster and more than we are."

He notes that women's ordination, natural or homosexual fornication, adultery and communion for all are not compatible with the apostolic tradition. The basic teachings of Christ, he says, have endured for 2000 years. Pell sees no possibility or need to change this.

Picture: George, Pell © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsXbucsgnikp

...cause we already have one now in the Novus Ordo!!!