Abuses: Second Vatican Council Is Big Part of Problem

The U.S. Northeast Jesuit Province published a list of members who were "credibly" accused of sexual abuse of an underage person, although many of the accused have never been found guilty of a crime or liable for any civil claim.

The list contains fifty names. 42 of them committed their alleged abuses during or after Second Vatican Council.

This indicates a general trend. Statistics show that there was a dramatic increase of homosexual clerical abuses in the aftermath of this council which marked the beginning of the arguably worst and still ongoing decline the Church has ever experienced.

Picture: © Lothar Wolleh, CC BY-SA, #newsScdugjcuhs
Martin Luther would feel right at home among the VII modernists!
alex j
It's taken a jesuit 50+years to arrive at this conclusion! Thats brain power for you.