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Italian Interior Minister Versus Francis: “My Pope Is Benedict”

I understand the rationale behind the T-shirt slogan however, it seems to me that pope francis [lower casing intentional] is only the "evolution" of Vatican 2. All the Popes, from John XX111 down to our current poor excuse for a pope, have in their turn, intentionally, or otherwise, undermined the faith . All five - I have omitted Pope John Paul 1 for obvious reasons - are, by degree , … More
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Best Of - Bishop Schneider In Vyšší Brod

What's with the Shadows music????? takes away from the solemn Mass.
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Our Lady of Akita

Unfortunately many have been taken in- including the majority of SSPX - by this highly unlikely apparition. What is not known by most devotees, or if they do know they choose to ignore, is [a] The Bishop who "recognised" the alleged apparitions did so against the ruling of his own committee of investigation. [b] The "apparition nun" was a recent convert at the time of the "apparition" and was … More
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A Million Muslims Filled the Streets to Hear About Jesus

We should not be too quick to laud the "achievement" of this dear old evangelist. She is after all, a protestant, and the devil would be more than happy to keep "millions" from hearing the "fullness of truth" which is only to be found in the Catholic Church.
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Pro-gay priest slams the ‘tyranny of tradition’ that forbids communion for adulterers

This pro-[ no pun intended]-gay priest, and all who support or engage in such behavior, sorely need Divine intervention if their souls are to avoid the ultimate destination of damnation. However God's help, as with all sinners, can only come about starting with the sinners acknowledgement of his/her sin. Unfortunately, many of the Catholic hierarchy have bought into the notion that one is born a … More
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Live like the few

---Dr Stuart Reiss--You miss, or perhaps your too 'legalistic', the point of the picture. Ask yourself, how often would you see such a scene in modern day Britain?
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SATURDAY Oct.07, 2017 14:00 WHOLE POLAND praying ROSARY on its BORDERS

Piotr2000 + Your list of apparitions sites is fine up to Fatima. From that point on your are less discerning, in fact all of the remaining sites, Medjugorie, Akita, Nai etc are at best questionable as to their veracity, and at worse, downright false. Hamish Fraser, convert, writer, catholic apologist, and one of the laypersons to be invited to attend the total proceedings and drama of Vatican 2, … More
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"Many Bishops are Timid And Fearful of Retaliation By Rome"

Bishops should be more afraid of their final reckoning!
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For a Pope who constantly derides tradition, particularly the Extraordinary form of the Mass, I suggest his position to be, at the least, one of contradiction, given he readily uses latin when presenting his official epistles or other meaningless utterances.
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Akin: Protestants Aren’t Heretics, Catholics Should Commemorate the Reformation

Why accept the title protestant! if you'r not a heretic ? Clearly rational and logical thought remains a mystery to non catholics. Still, you are in good company with our present Pope.
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Pro-Francis Journalist Slams Francis' Failure in Venezuela

Unfortunately, Pope Francis is typical Jesuit trained political operative, as a consequence, he is imbued with Marxist ideology, far more than Christology. Having personally witnessed a number of Jesuit priests operating on assigned social projects, I can attest to the losing of faith of ninety percent of the group I got to know, including its leader, ending in their laicization from their … More
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Brazilian Bishop: “Homosexuality Is A Gift Of God”

This Bishop is right when he states homosexuality is not a disease, it is in fact a behavior disorder.
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Pope Francis says it's 'terrible' that children are taught they can choose gender

One of the few times that Pope Francis has spoken with traditional catholic clarity. Oh God Almighty! please guide him to become a true and faithful leader of all things pertaining to his petrine office and in doing so, turn him away from the secular preoccupation of being a populist "all things to all men" leader.
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Unseen for centuries: Four Cardinals demand Pope Francis to clarify Amoris Laetitia

Slowly momentum is unfolding that just might bring about a return of the church to be Christ centred not man centred. Would love to live long enough to witness such a revival with Cardinal Sarah as the Pope.
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