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The Truth About Medjugorje by Msgr. Pavao Zanic, Bishop of Mostar Bishop Pavao Zanic, presided over the Diocese of Mostar, from 1971-1993. He exercised full ecclesiastical jurisdiction over the parish of Medjugorje, which is located in the region …
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The Americanist Heresy ~ Charles Coulombe

Saying your land is the greatest ever ever is not patriotism. It's turning your land into a religion, an ideology. Catholicism, in these united States, has taken a backseat to 'america' since the founding & for generations we have cared more for the land than the faith.
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Thousands Sign Petition to Oust Professor Over Harassment of Ivanka Trump

Thousands Sign Petition to Oust Professor Over Harassment of Ivanka Trump Thousands are calling on Hunter College to remove a professor who was involved in an incident last week at JFK Airport in which Ivanka Trump was reportedly berated in front … [More]
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Make the leftists finally accountable for their behavior! Leftists should not be allowed to brake the law with impunity.
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Holy Cannoli
(1) Did the Russians force Hillary to never campaign in Wisconsin during the general election? (2) Did the Russians force Hillary to tell West Virgin… [More]
... and thy made the Americans elect Donald Trump .
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They (gang) remind me of a pack of hyenas prowling around a lone lion ready to pounce. What is worrisome is these these thugs possibly getting guns … [More]
Our Lady of Sorrows
“Give me an army saying the Rosary, and it will conquer the world” (St. Pius X)…/excellent-sermo…
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So young and so talented !!!

Instinct Primitif by Intidhar Kammarti
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"Separation of church and state" can't stop this:

Every year a live nativity is presented in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. A group of creative thinkers came up with this idea because a nativity scene (structure) is NOT permitted, but a live nativity is permitted. Part of their purpose in doing … [More]
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There’s Already a Bizarre Schism Among Some Clergy, Says Bishop Schneider

11:40… (Editor’s Note: the video with English transcription has been provided courtesy of Novus Ordo Watch (NOW); a word of caution – while NOW has provided a service with their translation, they are an outspokenly sedevacantist publication and we do not endorse their positions.)
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"We're going to start saying 'Merry Christmas' again!" President-elect Trump:

President-elect Trump: "We're going to start saying 'Merry Christmas' again!"
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I never stopped saying MERRY CHRISTMAS.
How wonderfully courageous to go against that political correct garbage.
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2017 Calendar

Prayer to Mary Immaculate Patroness of the United States Blessed Mother Mary, we turn to you in prayers for all the people in these United States. We again place ourselves in your care, in the gentle hands that cradled the Child Jesus. We ask you … [More]
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Hour of Grace: Noon to 1 PM, December 8th! REQUEST OF BLESSED MOTHER FOR THE HOUR OF GRACE 1. Day and time of Hour … [More]
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Christmas in 1950

Christmas in the UK, USA, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Japan, Canada, Mexico and the Holy Land.
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ja liebe Theresia Katharina, so wars und es war sehr schön....bei uns gab es der böhmischen Tradition entsprechend am Heiligabend Karpfen mit … [More]
Theresia Katharina
Weihnachten war früher inniger und schöner als heute, weil die Leute noch gläubig waren! Das Essen war festlich, aber bodenständig und Geschenke gab … [More]
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Cardinal Sins: Resisting Pope Francis (Episode 11)

As the Four Cardinals make their historic stand against revolution in the Vatican, several bishops and one more cardinal move in to support them. Michael Matt tackles the question of what to do when a pope goes wrong. Do faithful lay Catholics have … [More]
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Lionel L. Andrades
The Remnant Forum could review their doctrinal position and the type of theology they use to interpret Vatican Council II. Their writers presently … [More]
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Madman of the Cathedral: Former monk dedicates 50yrs to build house of God (RT Documentary)

RT on Nov 22, 2016 A cathedral founded on pure faith, and its creator who has dedicated more than 50 years of his life to building it. 91-year-old Don Justo, of the small Spanish town of Mejorada del Campo, is a former monk. On a whim and a dream, … [More]
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DEAR FUTURE MOM | March 21 - World Down Syndrome Day | #DearFutureMom

France Bans Video of Children with Down Syndrome Smiling Europe erasing the unfit. No worries. Nothing to see here. Deacon Greg Kandra had this story up and I just wanted to make sure you guys all saw it. The French State Counsel has essentially … [More]
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So beautiful! What are we pursuing, if not true, lasting happiness? Those with Down Syndrome have the highest percentage (95%) of happy people … [More]
Harmonia celestiala
People with Down Syndrome is very nice and could be an enrichment for all the others who have forgotten to smile
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Pope Francis Is Boiling With Rage

The dubia of the four Cardinals have angered Pope Francis.
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Our Lady of Sorrows
Bergoglio didn't reckon on God!
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Mother dies while giving birth to child , she hears her baby crying and comes...

Life. I thought the video was about the babe calmed by the mother's presence/voice. But the babe's cry literally brought the mother back to life! Wow!
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