Bishop Schneider Asks German Bishops to Change Name Of Their "Church"

The remaining Catholics in Germany should push away existing minor differences and unite in view of the ongoing massive apostasy from the Catholic faith in their country, Bishop Athanasius Schneider told LifeSiteNews.com (May 10).

Schneider said this on the backdrop of German homosex "blessings" - much hyped by the oligarch media - which turned out to be a huge flop as the few churches who had triumphalistically announced them, remained almost empty.

In the face of the wide-spread apostasy and indifference, Schneider believes that “from a human point of view there is little hope” that the Church in Germany - which is artificially kept alive by a state imposed church tax - can be saved without a "divine intervention."

For the sake of honesty, Schneider proposes that the German apostate bishops stop calling themselves "Roman Catholics." As a new name for their group, Schneider proposes "German National Catholic church," "Contemporary German Catholic church," "Broad German Catholic church," "Low German Catholic church," or "Inclusive German Catholic church" [which only excludes Catholics].


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