Three Roman Cardinals Keep Themselves Busy With – a Soccer Gala

The Cardinals Bertone (former Secretary of State), Becciu (Causes of Saints) and Versaldi (Catholic Education) were present at the January 9 annual gathering of the VIP fans of Juventus in Rome.

Juventus is an Italian football club and a public company belonging to the Agnelli family who are among the richest Italians.

The pompous meeting took place in the Vatican's Palazzo della Cancelleria in central Rome, where the Church’s highest tribunals are located. The Vatican of the Poor rented it out to the rich.

The three cardinals were dining at the table of honour. Bertone is an honorary member of the club.

According to (January 11) these meetings serve mainly to establish contacts especially with members of Italian politics.

Picture: Bertone, Becciu, Versaldi, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsYuqtxdunzr

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