200-Room Seminary Will Be Closed Down

Montreal Archdiocese is abandoning its Grand Seminaire which once trained up to 200 seminarians at a time (OttawaMatters.com, August 23).

As a consequence of the continuing decline of the Church since Vatican II, there are only about 20 seminarians left. The building’s legacy dates back nearly to the city's founding.

Seminarians have lived in the building since it was completed in 1857, but Sulpician priests have been on the site since the 1670s. They have been training new priests since the 1840s.

The new seminary is a 60s-era former nuns' residence in the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie borough with a small chapel, and room for about 20 seminarians.

Picture: Grand séminaire de Montréal © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsAvcwzxuuzd

No Catholic thinks he is a good Catholic; or he would by that thought become a bad Catholic.
If this wasn't bad enough, the really depressing part is what happens next to that fine old building and the grounds. :/
Alex A
"O the times they are a changing"
And this is the Chapel (picture from wikipedia)
Just a few days ago another seminary was closed down in Argentina.