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...really, what on earth were we thinking?...

9 Things We’ve Lost in the Liturgy (Besides Latin) - OnePeterFive

Recently I’ve been reading The Hobbit to two of my young children. Central to the story is lost …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
1) Lost the Mass.2) lost the Mass 3) lost the Mass..........
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Gloria.TV News on the 22nd of May 2017

God Sent us Russia: Syrian Catholic Auxiliary Bishop Jihad Mtanos Battah of Damascus spoke with Italian Pandora TV about the situation in Syria. He makes it clear who saved the Syrian Christians. Quote: "Were it not for the Syrian Arab Army and … [More]
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Holy Cannoli
Their problem is not the Moslems but the American regime (and its NATO poodles) For some, it's always the fault of the West especially the Americans.… [More]
Don Reto Nay
@Holy Cannoli: One should not insult Christians who live in Syria under the (American) bombs and fight for their daily lives and have lost their … [More]
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Five hundred people were in the square outside the Sanctuary at Fatima waiting for Pope Francis and the canonization of the two little shepherd Francesco (10) and Jacinta (9), who, along with their cousin Lucia dos Santos saw Our Lady and heard Her … [More]

De Mattei: Fatima 2017

Roberto de Mattei “Il Tempo” May 14, 2017 Two antithetical centenaries are in fact, being celebrate…
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Jungerheld - I think that report should have read 'Five hundred thousand'. But there were probably closer to a million. Dr Stuart Reiss - Russia has … [More]
Only 500 people? Am I misunderstanding something? I've never been there. I just would have expected...hundreds of hundreds.
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Victory: U.S. Christians Do Not Have To Print For Homosexualists

On May 12 a U.S. federal court ruled that Blaine Adamson cannot be forced to print homosexualist texts that contradict his Christian believes. Adamson runs a small print shop in Lexington, Kentucky. In 2012, homosexuals asked him to print for them …
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@Holy Cannoli, great idea donating the profit to a marriage organization! It would be great to have a sign in the window that says, "Ten … [More]
Holy Cannoli
Victory? The homos will have the shirts made somewhere so why shouldn't the Christians make the most of the situation. Make the shirts (bake the … [More]
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Less Than Two Weeks After Francis' Visit, "The Christians are Infidels"

Less than two weeks after the visit of Pope Francis, Sheikh Salem Abdul Jalil, the undersecretary of the Egyptian Ministry of religious endowments (Awqaf) and famous preacher, restated on TV the Islamic arguments against Christianity. According to …
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Egyptian Jesuit Becomes Hungarian Citizen – to Honour Anti-Migration Policy

On March 14, Egyptian Jesuit Henri Boulad (85) accepted Hungarian citizenship to honour the Government's efforts to stop the expansion of Islam and to protect Christian values, Boulad told the weekly newspaper, "Heti Valasz“. During his lifetime …
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Gloria.TV News on the 12th of May 2017

Betrayal: The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts criticized Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley for having attending on Sunday the 2017 Profile in Courage Award event, where former U.S. President Obama was honored. The League stressed that Obama is, … [More]
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Holy Cannoli
A Catholic: Bishop You has already asked the new president to abolish the death penalty... Bible thumpers are forever criticizing Catholics for being… [More]
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Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Today is the feast of the Belgian saint, Damien de Veuster (January 3, 1840 - April 15, 1889). Known more commonly as St. Damien of Molokai, he was a missionary of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and he is revered primarily … [More]
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The Confession (Best Short film of International Catholic Film Festival)

The Confession (Best Short film of International Catholic Film Festival) This film is dedicated to "The Year of Mercy" directed by John La Raw from Myanmar performed by Korean actors. The film got five International film festival awards so far and … [More]
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This is only a movie folks, Korea's version of Hollywood for entertainment purposes only. It is John La Raw's imagination of what goes on in the … [More]
Deliberate lying is satanic and you cannot do evil that good may come of it. Also, the offense is primarly against God. Fake priest should realise … [More]
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Fourth Sunday of Easter

Father Odon's homily for the 4th Sunday of Easter 2017 - What is important is the gate
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Bishop Athanasius Schneider: My personal way to traditional liturgy

Bishop Athanasius Schneider remembers in an interview (…/bishop-schneide…) with with Piotr Falkowski for a Polish daily. his way to the Old Latin Mass. “My way to the traditional liturgy came in an organic manner, beginning…
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The “Resignation” of Pope Benedict XVI: Now There Are Three Versions. Which One Should We Believe?

The “Resignation” of Pope Benedict XVI: Now There Are Three Versions. Which One Should We Believe? by Christopher A. Ferrara February 4, 2015 For the first time in the history of the Church a Pope has resigned while retaining the papal name, the …
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"The question that must be answered is whether the Pope even has the power to resign without entirely losing the Petrine office; that is, whether … [More]
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Bishop: Only Infidels And Those Hardhearted Like The Pharisees Admit Communion For Adulterers

Astana Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider spoke recently to the Polish daily “Nasz Dziennik” about the big confusion concerning marriage that is reigning in the Church. He points out that there cannot be “even a single case” of civilly remarried …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Happy feast 0fmthe english martyrs. Those rigid priests......and others
Today marks the day of the Carthusian martyrs. Men hung, drawn & quartered for refusing to recognise Henry VIII as head of the Church
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Gloria.TV News on the 4th of May 2017

Secularized: On Tuesday, Pope Francis received the Italian novices and postulants of the Salesian Fathers at casa Santa Maria. The meeting was supposed to be private, but one of the participants decided to transmit Francis' talk directly on … [More]
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Stało się to nawykiem nie udanej reformy w Kościele. Uczestnicy Mszy Świętych to stoją i siedzą jak w teatrze. Po błogosławieństwie szybko uciekają … [More]
W obronie Tradycji Kościoła Skoro uważasz że redakcja to zbiór tzw. katolików to bądź łaskaw wyjaśnić co zawierają słowa pani Redaktor z … [More]
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Gloria.TV News on the 2nd of May 2017

Gone: 69 year-old Capuchin Father Giovanni Salonia, whom Pope Francis named in February as the new auxiliary bishop of Palermo, Italy, has withdrawn. His consecration had already been put on hold. According to the journalist Marco Tosatti, Salonia'… [More]
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Holy Cannoli
Justice? On Feb. 9, 1993, Lidell Lee bludgeoned Debra Reese, age 26, who was raped and murdered in her home and was “struck approximately 36 times … [More]
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Saint Athanasius - May 2

breski1 SAINT ATHANASIUS Bishop & Doctor of the Church (+ 373) Athanasius was born in Egypt towards the end of the third century, and was from his youth pious, learned, and deeply versed in the sacred writings, as befitted one whom God had chosen … [More]
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Gloria.TV News on the 1st of May 2017

Submission: On Saturday, Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto was elected Lieutenant of the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta which is a temporary position. The last Grand Master of the Knights of Malta was ousted by Pope Francis. … [More]
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Oh dear...The Work is going down the plug hole...St Jose Maria Escriba and Don Alvaro del Portillo, must be rolling around in his grave...
What a mess!
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Islam: A Christian heresy, straight out of Hell

Dante and Virgil meet Mohammed in Hell Mohammad was a pedophile who received his false religion …
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Lionel L. Andrades
OCTOBER 11, 2016 Cardinal Raymond Burke : politically correct on Islam…/cardinal-raymon… Spencer and Hahn as Catholi… [More]