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Two Homosexuals Make Fun About Catholic Teaching in "Catholic" Parish

Two homosexual men gave a seven-minute presentation in front of a Minneapolis St Joan of Arc parish before Sunday Mass on January 13. They presented an in-vitro produced toddler, born from a rented …
Bernard Hebda ( invalidly consecrated by the homosexual Francesco Coccopalmerio )
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Some of those applauding probably were invited friends of the children of Sodom. If that helps anyone.
They rented a womb, but only one of these men is biologically the "father" of this poor child.
It had never occurred to me what a kick in the teeth this is for those married couples who have remained faithful to Church teaching.
Not mine either, mine is the *real* roman catholic church!
This is not a Catholic Church anymore and will ultimately close its doors...
Pray for them, hell is hot