Cardinal Müller Talks About the “Poison Paralyzing the Church”

“The crisis in the Church is man-made,” Cardinal Gerhard Müller preached to thousands of Catholics gathered for the January 1 Phoenix Student Leadership Summit.

According to him “the poison paralyzing the Church” consists in adapting to the spirit of the age, in relativizing the commandments, and in reinterpreting the revealed doctrine.

This results in a Catholicism without dogmas, sacraments, and an infallible magisterium.

However, the one who believes needs no [environementalist, homosexualist or progressivist] ideology,” he explained.

Calls for “modernization” demand that the Church give up her truth claim, for the sake of building a “new religion of world unity” which Müller called a “civil religion.”

However, God cannot be changed by the whims of society, he said.

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsBpyrjlxhbk

Thors Catholic Hammer
But Cardinal Muller remains silent about the false papacy of francis 1st.
This is a derogation of duty.
“The crisis in the Church is man-made and has arisen because we have cozily adapted ourselves to the spirit of a life without God.” —Cardinal Müller
...yet no one dares suggest that an "indigenous" tribal shaman should finally adapt to the modern age.
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