„Conservative“ Bishop Participates in Gay-Propaganda Event

Father Paolo Cugini, a parish-priest in the diocese of Reggio Emilia, Italy, organises on May 20 a “vigil” against “homophobia”.

After protests, Reggio Emilia Bishop Massimo Camisasca decided not only to allow the event but to join, writes

Catholics will organize a public prayer of reparation in front of the bishop's house.

Camisasca belongs to the group Communione e Liberazione and was in 1985 a co-founder of their Priestly Fraternity of the Missionaries of St. Charles Borromeo. He was made a bishop in 2012.

Communione e Liberazione was considered in Italy a stronghold of "conservative" Catholicism but it quickly crumbled after the election of Francis.

In 2015, Camisasca was slammed by the commercial media for supporting “Courage”, an organisation that assists homosexuals in overcoming their disorder.

Picture: Massimo Camisasca, © Fraternità san Carlo , CC BY-SA, #newsPfnstaqrqs
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Disgusting bunch of fake homo "priestesses," and St. Charles Borromeo was s holy blessing to our Church. These have to be the last days, end times.
Jesus strengthen we, the faithful remnant.
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