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Miserere nobis!

„Conservative“ Bishop Participates in Gay-Propaganda Event

Father Paolo Cugini, a parish-priest in the diocese of Reggio Emilia, Italy, organises on May 20 a “vigil” against “homophobia”. After protests, Reggio Emilia Bishop Massimo Camisasca decided not …
Joseph a' Christian
Disgusting bunch of fake homo "priestesses," and St. Charles Borromeo was s holy blessing to our Church. These have to be the last days, end times. … More
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
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Pope Francis Has Hired the “Worst Heretics”

Pope Francis Has Hired the “Worst Heretics” The persecution of the Catholics inside the Church is growing stronger according to Monsignor Antonio Livi, a philosopher who served as a professor and … More
Le pape François a embauché les "pires hérétiques" La persécution des catholiques à l'intérieur de l'Église est de plus en plus forte selon Mgr Anton… More
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Monsignor Antonio Livi
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Ratzinger Is not a Solution to the Present Problems

All The Popes Since Vatican II Had Sympathies for Neo-Modernism Talking to, Monsignor Antonio Livi, a former dean and professor at the Roman Lateran University, pointed out that all popes … More
michael f
Sadly almost all traditional Catholic clergy are going along with this apostasy being lead by the popes since the confusing instructions of Vatican … More
Holy Cannoli
Mons Livi's calls into question Joseph Ratzinger’s theology and that he wrote with a neo-Protestant influence and opposed the old Scholastic theology… More
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The Election of Francis Was Orchestrated

Francis Was Elected To Carry Out a Lutheran Reform Monsignor Antonio Livi, a former dean and professor at the Lateran University in Rome, formerly incardinated in the Opus Dei, told in an … More
adeste fideles
Amén Atanasio de Trento ... Cualquier intento de justificar a Bergoglio con todo el "bagage" de herejía-apostasía que conlleva, mientras se descali… More
Dr Bobus
@Atanasio de Trento I have Argentinian friends from my Roman years. One is a bishop, a very good man who studied St Thomas and invited me to his … More
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Très triste. La Résistance a tort.

Les capucins de Morgon tournent le dos à la fsspx de Mgr fellay

L'annonce était attendue depuis longtemps. Les Capucins de Morgon fondés par le RP Eugène de Villeurbanne ne veulent pas suivre la nouvelle politique de ralliement de Mgr Fellay à la Rome conciliaire…
Le 28 juin, à l'issue de la réunion des Supérieurs de la fsspx, le Supérieur Général a envoyé une déclaration à tous les membres de la fsspx. Citatio… More