Act of Fidelity?

No Interest: Catholic Culture reported the story of the seminarian Nick Sentovich, who is a 3rd-year student at the North American College in Rome. The American third-year seminarians are traditional… More
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Sunamis 46
How about the franciscans of the immaculate?
Guy McClung, Texas
Totalitarian Egoists MUST have oaths from their minions to them personally. Such oaths imply the forsaking of the worship of God, and the required … More

Francis Is Not Above the Gospel:

Francis Is Not Above the Gospel: As anticipated, Bergoglian journalists started attacking the Kazakhstan correction of Amoris Laetitia. The journalist with the closest ties to Francis, is Andrea … More
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The Bergoglio propagandist, HE is named Andrea. Perhaps he is so mixed up about his gender, that the Holy Word being the Law of Almighty God, is way … More
Jim Dorchak
@Dr Stuart Reiss Well lets just say that the author is not Cd. Muller...............

Doctrine in an Air Raid Shelter

Doctrine in an Air Raid Shelter: Sandro Magister notices on his blog that no one listens to Pope Francis when he makes pro-life or pro-family statements. Magister believes that Francis is “perfectly … More
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Uncle Joe
Restaurant Atmosphere: Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe has turned his cathedral into a big and noisy pizzeria in order to feed – quotation marks - “the … More
GJA Taylor
Why is it mainly retired prelates who speak up against the errors of this bad pope? Is it because he is an authoritarian bully? and the bishops are … More

Vatican Promoted Liberalism Shows Its Effect

Vatican Promoted Liberalism Shows Its Effect: Attendance at Christmas Midnight Mass in Italy is waning. collected the witness of insiders in the archdiocese of Milan, Italy, the biggest … More
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Uncle Joe
An organist, speaking on the condition of anonymity (and appropriately disguised)...

Abuse of Power in the Vatican

Pope Francis’ inner circle is abusing its power, writes Ed Condon in the Catholic Herald. According to him, contempt for the rule of law and proper procedure in the curia is palpable when dealing … More
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Wishing you, and all at news, a blessed Christmas too.
Uncle Joe
I bet Billy's a lot of fun at parties.

Pope Francis Receives Enemy of the Church

Culpable Silence: Last week the Italian parliament approved a law introducing assisted suicide accompanied by the total silence of Pope Francis and almost all of the Italian bishops. One of the most … More
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a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing?
Bergoglio is the vicar of George Soros. "Not to oppose error is to approve it; and not to defend truth is to suppress it; and indeed to … More

Church Renewal Will Not Come From Germany

Christ Or Money: The new Polish prime-minister Mateusz Morawiecki has called on the European Union to return to its values and to its traditional Christian roots. Talking to the Catholic TV Trwam he … More
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Joseph a' Christian
Catholic Poland needs to part from the pagan, money pigs of the EU. Almighty God bless the Polish Catholics, for proclaiming Christ is our King, at their huge gathering.

Will Cardinal Sarah Be Kicked Out After Christmas?

The blog Anonimi della Croce writes that Pope Francis will get rid of the popular Cardinal Robert Sarah within the Epiphany, although his five-year-appointment ends only in 2019. Sarah is known for … More
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Sincere request

02:43 Sincere request: Before the end of the year, still needs, for us, a very big sum of almost 10,000 Euros in order to be able to conclude the year without debts. In 2017,… More
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Lets rally for GTV and give them a Christmas present...every little helps

A Mother Writes – Francis Does Not Answer

A Normal Mother: Marco Tosatti writes about a mother who in February 2016 sent a letter to Pope Francis. She never received a reply, not even an acknowledgement of receipt. The woman introduced … More
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GJA Taylor
What that Catholic laywoman wrote to Pope Francis is in fact just what all faithful are thinking about this bad pope. In reality, he knows perfectly … More
No middle ground decisions should be proclaimed by the Vicar of THE Church. When Jesus comes to judge our WILLFUL actions of life. There will be NO … More

A Church Not Engaged in Self-Destruction

Moscow Patriarch Kirill has announced statistical data on the life of the Russian Orthodox Church. Since 2009 this Church has increased the number of dioceses by 144. Since last year over 1300 new … More
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@ACLumsden. The resurgence might be there, and I applaud them for it, for many reasons including that if any Marxist enters these churches, the … More

A Church as a Silicon Valley

Speaking to the Corriere della Sera Cardinal Müller said that Pope Francis´ popularity is good for the Church. He noticed, however, that this popularity does not motivate people to receive the … More
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BrTomFordeOFMCap ,Thanks ,i got it ,the term bestleaders ,its a relative ,notion
The Pope being popular specially with non catholics ,it does not mean correct or right , the Pope of the catholic church should not be part of … More

Ecumenism tries to change history

Last Friday the American Pro-Life activist and speaker gave a conference in Vienna about the Bible and Protestantism. De Souza asked the question, how Protestants could possibly establish the canon … More
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To Donna prima Donna Don't be a "prima donna" your icon pic is of a woman wearing a fur hat!!!! Peta stands for "People Eating Tasty … More
Your production needs a new scenic director. Fees are negotiable.

Does Pope Francis Want to End Like the Anglicans?

The Anglican Church of Canada has been in denial for nearly two decades about the direction it has been going and may face collapse, writes David Virtue on the Anglican Virtue name… More
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exactly, contraception is contracepting the faith out of the souls of Catholics just like it did from anglican church and will acquire all the … More
An essential teaching of Christ is that we must be born again. "Verily, verily, I tell you, no one can enter the Kingdom of God unless he is born of … More

War Pontificate:

War Pontificate: Pope Francis is considered a peacemaker on the world stage, now even between the U.S. and North Korea. But within his Church he has unleashed a world war, writes Sandro Magister. … More
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Uncle Joe
“a healthy belly” A much more charitable term than wicked alternatives such as pre-hypertensive, pre-stroke, pre-heart disease, pre-diabetic, fat … More
Pontificado de guerra: El Papa Francisco es considerado un pacificador en el escenario mundial, ahora incluso entre los Estados Unidos y Corea del … More

Fake Scandal in the Vatican

Fake Scandal in the Vatican: The Italian fake news journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi has reported alleged abuses on altar-boys of Saint Peter's to the Vatican prosecutor. Nuzzi refers to Kamil Jarzembowski,… More
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Hi BrTomFordeOFMCap I totally understand what you are trying to say. Unfortunately, the social atmosphere of today society is trying to make Fathers … More
Eventually they want to change the Word of God to accomodate their BLASPHEMIES,And Heresies ,but iam sure some Cardinals are listening to her

Masses Cost Too Much?

Masses Cost Too Much? Many New York Catholics are not aware that Cardinal Dolan has asked all Pastors to try to cut down on the number of Masses in all the parishes, writes Monsignor Joseph … More
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@Abramo Jesus bless you brother Abramo, - Joseph
Dolan has decimated the former Catholic School fortress, that was lovingly built through the years by many faithful here in new york. In the case of … More


Siberia? Capuchin Father Thomas Weinandy, a theologian and former chief of staff for the U.S. Bishops' Committee on Doctrine, wrote a letter to Pope Francis telling him that he is causing "chronic … More
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Here, in Eastern Siberia we have around 150 nations. So, food is nice for every test! Wellcome to Siberia, where people were survived due to strong faith and heartly friendship.
Did Patrick Coffin follow up with, "It would serve him right."

Is Francis Excommunicated?

Is Francis Excommunicated? Cardinal Brandmüller pointed out on Saturday that those who claim that a second union may start while a lawfully married partner is still alive, are excommunicated. The … More
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CarolineA03 what has always been taught by the Church that whoever separates themselves from the See of Peter is in schism whether they like it or … More
BrTomFordeOFMCap "I would suggest that men who have spent years trying to justify their separation from the See of St Peter are not reliable … More

Cardinal Müller: Reformation was “No Event of the Holy Spirit”

Revolution: The Reformation was not a reform but a revolution, according to Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, ousted by Pope … More
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Thanks for the news
Thank you Cardinal Muller this corresponds with the analysis of St Thomas More in Responsio ad should be required reading in episcopal conferences.