You Need A Passport to Take Sacraments???

Watch it Live > Mixing Freedom of Speech & the Freedom of Association leads to the decline of our rights??? ALSO, are the unvaccinated becoming a second-class …

Cover Up From Midwest to Rome! Plus Banning Porn and Contraception!

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Traditionis Custodis and interpreting the Vatican

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STILL, the only one FIRED in the Afghan withdrawal...

Bizzaro world -

Will Australians EVER be allowed to go outside again??? Also, why are suicide and depression disproportionately high for transgenders?

Is your child reading pornography in school????

Reason # 7777 for considering homeschooling! Watch Catholic Drive TIme LIVE >

Do we get what we deserve????

Watch LIVE > Global Dictatorship of Technocracy Politically and Economically... Michael Matheson Miller joins the show to discuss Digital Technocracy.

So... this happened ...😡 AGAIN... Censored!

So... this happened ...😡 AGAIN... Youtube issued a second strike to the @CatholicDrive channel and deleted this video. It's not even all that controversial... insane! "Battle With Satan for Soul of …
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It's not on appearing on Rumble at the link provided....
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Light From Darkness

Watch it LIVE > Are we living in the WORST time in the history of the Church??? Steve Weidenkopf is on with us this morning to discuss it.

Not just agnostics leave the Church!

Watch LIVE > The Exodus OUT of the Church continues... Heading East?


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The September 11 connection

Watch it LIVE >> Was September 11 chosen to signal that the Ottoman Empire is picking up right where they left off in 1683??? Dan Leroy joins the show to discuss it.

Satanism & Abortion... what they don’t tell you!

Watch it Live >> Former Satanic Wizard Zachery King joins us to discuss the diabolical connection to abortion and much more.
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Satan and Joe Biden both support abortion.

“Satanic Temple” and Catholic Joe Biden????

Watch Live > What do the “Satanic Temple” and Catholic Joe Biden have in common??? Both are at war with the Texas ban on abortions!
LOL... Lucien Greaves is copying Marilyn Manson's "satanic one-white-eye gimmick", doesn't want to talk about it. Ooh-scary. At least he learned …More
LOL... Lucien Greaves is copying Marilyn Manson's "satanic one-white-eye gimmick", doesn't want to talk about it. Ooh-scary. At least he learned from A. LaVey that any lie he tells will get fact-checked and exposed. In a way, it's good when spiritual freaks deface themselves. It shows them for what they are: spiritually and theologically immature teenagers in adult bodies.
Christ Himself noted a critically important point about The Father Of Lies, "the truth is not in him". That absence of truth is also self-referential. An idiot who tries to scare/ impress people with such sinister trappings isn't being satanic at all. True evil doesn't pretend to be evil, it pretends to be good.
chris griffin
Great catch.

Is Ireland a lost cause for the Catholic faith?

Watch it LIVE here > Catholic Joe Biden calls for a Govt. Wide response to the Texas Law... oh, and Nancy Pelosi too! > Also, Is Ireland a lost cause for the …

Could it happen again???

Watch live > The author of the "Dictator Pope," Henry Sire, is on to discuss the dismantling of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate... could it happen again? …

How are the vets feeling & dealing with the fallout of Afghanistan?

Watch live > How are the vets feeling and dealing with the fallout of Afghanistan? With 20 years of war??? Tom & Jen Satterly from join …

Finding Vigano

Watch it > The power is out in New Orleans... The US ended its mission in Afghanistan... Taliban celebrates by hanging a man from a Blackhawk helicopter … …

Christians turned away from rescue in Afghanistan

Watch LIVE > Catholic Drive Time: Is the Church Falling? Worst We Have Ever Seen? Steve Weidenkopf is on
While the CIA and others have their Islamic State jihadis to rehome, Christians can fend for themselves.

Dozens dead & the US gave the Taliban a list of names.

Watch LIVE > CDT Live: 13 US Service Members Killed in Afghanistan Bombings …. Oh, AND, US officials reportedly gave Taliban names of Americans and Afghan allies..…
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Cannot be a mistake. It's all part of the plan
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