Eastern Orthodoxy & Roman Catholicism are not the same. Here are 5 difference...

Ehmm but does he look like a man who fasts half the time? What about the toleration of serial polygamy?
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God's Doorkeeper: St. Andre of Montreal Trailer

hmmm . It would be nice to have better commentary. Up to :38 it was fine, after that it became very strange. Will look him up as I have not heard of him before though.

When and by whom the different protestant sects were founded

Lisi its the mode of the visual that I find weak. The visual presents a fracturing of the early church into two - one stable eastern orthodox fraction and one unstable Roman Catholic fraction. The Roman Catholic Fraction then spawns multiple schisms while disappearing itself from the time line. The truth is the first protestants were the eastern Orthodox and there were many fractures in her. The … More

Ireland's Tragic Abandonment of Catholic Teaching - Voice of the Family

The citizens assembly is not representative of the citizens of Ireland. I do not think it is right to spread the idea that their official position is some how representative of the citizens of this country.
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The Confession (Best Short film of International Catholic Film Festival)

Deliberate lying is satanic and you cannot do evil that good may come of it. Also, the offense is primarly against God. Fake priest should realise at the moment of death the man would know the truth that he had in fact killed his father. He is condemend to live a lie by fake priest when he could live with the truth, done penance and learnt to accept Gods forgiveness. This movie is nothing short of diabolical surely.

The situation of the one who is not the Messiah

Dear Father Reto,
I'm dying of thirst please can we have more English preaching videos.
God bless and hope you are well.
Mrs L O'Brien
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Pack into yourself the Goodness of God

Thanks Fr Reto. This really helps. Would love you to do more English postings. They are really insightful. Praise be to Jesus Christ.
Mrs Lucy O'Brien

First O Antiphon - O Sapientia

Thanks so much Father. This is really helpful. Great preaching thanks be to God.

The Methods of God versus The Methods of this World

Dear Father,
Can you please post your sermons in English more regularly. They are so very good but too few. Please if it is not too much trouble.
Thank you and God bless the good work