Now The Vatican Goes After The Contemplatives Nuns - By Father Bruno-Philip Penguine

Upsetting the Brides of Christ is NEVER a good idea. He looks after His ladies.
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Death Penalty: "The Holy See is apparently in error"

Did not the Church always and everywhere teach that it is admissible for the proper authority and for grave reasons? I do not understand how this proposition is not a rejection of Church teachings. Furthermore the CDF explanation is not coherent in my view for the following reasons
1. Not all countries have penitentiary systems capable of dealing with extremely evil people.
2. A criminal may die … More

Alma Deutscher creates a piano sonata from four notes in a hat in under a minute.

Very good but I don't like the mixing of classical with ragtime and romantic.

Psychologists Who Dissent from the Reigning Gender Ideology

Some people argue that psychology is a false science that dresses sin up in medical terms - sin that naturally will manifest in the mental disorder so medicalised. What we are seeing now are the clothes coming off. We see the bare naked truth that sin as a perverse will set against the natural law is now acceptable and that the false science of psychology needs to get with the program and stop … More

No more excuses.

Lazarus was dead! - Well I guess that beats all . We surely have no excuse.

Masonic Grand Master: Francis Is “Illuminated Tyrant”

Well in all fairness he didn't say Pope Francis. I expect he was saying that the ape church he and his minions are building will have its own ape pope.

Jacob Rees dismantles Verhofstadt

Thats like saying they don't want to change the doctrine: that obviously can't change, No, they just want to change the pastoral practice. If they don't change the pastoral practise into a practise that allows them to ignore the doctrine then the doctrine prevents them from doing what they want which is clearly an untenable prospect.

Francis Fell During Mass

He should have taken the outstretched hand of Msgr Marini on both occasions.
He recovers well all the same for a man of his age.

Francis On Dubia – “Not The Ecclesial Way Of Doing Things”

Since it is a recognised and established ecclesiastical process for the clarification of confusion within the Roman Catholic Church the presentation of the Dubia most certainly is an ecclesial action. Seeding confusion is not an ecclesial act. Requesting it to be dispelled most certainly is.
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If you're in the middle of a debate, this is how you defeat an atheist in 2 m...

Well from his argument you can infer that God does not exist in the known dimension and therefore that there exists a dimension(the known one) in which the omnipresent God does not exist which is a dumbo mistake. Fail.

Conservative US-Bishop Sides With German Bishops

Consider the sentence :"I'd much rather shoot someone than butcher them with a chainsaw" It does not necessary follow from the sentence that one would carry out or support either acts. By placing them together as a comparative he draws a parallel between the two which indicates his underlying position. In short I don't think the headline is a fair and true reflection of what he said.
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Mass child sacrifice site in Peru may be largest in history

I don't think that it is the largest in history. It was not the Europeans who put an end to child sacrifice but Catholics who lived in Europe. The European neopagans sacrifice babies by the thousands every day to the gods of self convenience, money, lust.... Some are sacrificed to the false god of utility when a "judge" and/or "doctors" decide theirs lives are futile and their false god must be … More

Modernist never are clear

Cardinal Siri's take on the contemporary theological movements of his time:

“the words flee, they continually slide, full of implications,
implications with different resonances each time, in a way which does
not allow any principle, notion or concept of fundamental, stable
meaning to remain….One finds himself as if before a sort of ontologic
allergy to every notion, word and feeling which evoke… More

Asperges Me Domine - Traditional Latin Mass Hymns

It's not right to be taking the sacred music and text of our rite and using it in a new agey sounding pastiche. It is not backdrop music that you are free to "remix". In fact you are not allowed to use sacred music outside of the context in which it is designated. It is music set aside, with its own particular place, for the worship on God. So, no taking sacred things outside their contexts … More
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Putin braves icy water for traditional Epiphany dip

Did he cross himself like a Roman Catholic? The left shoulder show be the last point of contact should it not? Well fair dues to him he didn't even flinch. I bet Obama would be squeeling like a puppy. Trump of course would have ensured it was preheated - naturally! :-)
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Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, in 9th-Century Gregorian Chant

You should not profane the sacred musical form like this. It is offensive and disrespectful of holy things.
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Vatican Christmas and Gay Mafia

Too well built to be poor. Reminds me of the demon under St Michael's sword. Nauseating perversion. Please God some good
Italian men will remove this porn.
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