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Renowned Journalist Decries “Climate of Fear and Persecution” in Francis Church

Marco Tosatti has denounced “a climate of fear and persecution against those who disagree” in the Vatican and the Church. During his over 35 years as a Vatican journalist Tosatti “never experienced this before.”

He pinpoints that this situation endures because of the “cowardice and servility” of those persecuted who, albeit they would have the task of denouncing it, do not do so and hence become accomplices.

Picture: © Marko Vombergar, Aleteia, CC BY, #newsQhhxzzrbue
Jesus said " the truth will set you free " Those in Vatican ,and out ,that are in fear they are doing a disservice to the church ,they should rise up like true disciples ,because a lot of they even have died ,through history for standing up for this Truth {or are they too corffortable on their own world }
Joseph a' Christian
Remember when he first came to rome, bergoglio acted like the most humble creature upon the earth.
We know this man is corrupt, when he can not even hide his evil ways in this rotting world.