Cardinal Farrell Suggest That Second Vatican Council Was A Disaster

"Pastoral patterns and methods of the past seem to be no longer functional in the face of profound social changes", pro-gay Curia Cardinal Kevin Farrell told (August 13) speaking about …
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Sounds more like he wants Vatican 3, just to make sure the Church is properly wrecked.
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Read Christopher Ferrara's brilliant book on the Council:…/1621381498
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Dr Bobus
Farrell is a careerist chameleon.
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He is correct in saying that Vat II was a disaster. Vat II claimed to be Pastoral rather than an Ecumenical Council. This was the disaster as we can see from the non pastoral results: breakdown in religious life; abandonment of the priesthood; abandonment of the sacraments; heretical teaching in schools, universities and seminaries; episcopal wolves in the sheepfold. What more could you want?? I … More
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