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Vision of St. Bridget: The pope, that lifts celibacy, will go to hell

Our Lady explained to St. Bridget of Sweden, that a pope that would allow priests to marry, would go to hell. Mary to the visionary:

“But now I shall tell you God’s will in this matter……
Know this too: that if some pope concedes to priests a license to contract carnal marriage, God will condemn him to a sentence as great, in a spiritual way, as that which the law justly inflicts in a corporeal way on a man who has transgressed so gravely that he must have his eyes gouged out, his tongue and lips, nose and ears cut off, his hands and feet amputated, all his body’s blood spilled out to grow completely cold, and finally, his whole bloodless corpse cast out to be devoured by dogs and other wild beasts. Similar things would truly happen in a spiritual way to that pope who were to go against the aforementioned preordinance and will of God and concede to priests such a license to contract marriage.

For that same pope would be totally deprived by God of his spiritual sight and hearing, and of his spiritual words and deeds. All his spiritual wisdom would grow completely cold; and finally, after his death, his soul would be cast out to be tortured eternally in hell so that there it might become the food of demons everlastingly and without end.”
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Muzical, Eastern Catholic clergy do not contract marriages. Once a man receives Major Orders, it is no longer lawful for him to get married. Eastern Catholic married priests are married before they are ordained. Also, it has long been the tradition in the East for bishops to be selected only from celibate priests.

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Umm, what about Eastern Catholic clergy? Celibacy was NEVER a thing for them until some Irish-American Catholics made a stink about it in the early 20th century, and the Holy Father, in just about the only move I've agreed with in his entire Papacy, ended this discrimination against Eastern Catholic men in the diaspora.

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Einen wesentlichen Punkt bezogen auf die Priesterehe habe ich aber bis jetzt noch nicht gelesen, da er von den Befürwortern natürlich unterdrückt wird: "Dass jene sich geistig und körperlich auf das Hl. Messopfer ab dem Vorabend vorbereiten sollen. Im Klartext: sie müssen sich des fleischlichen Vollzuges ihrer Ehe enthalten!"
Nuestra Señora explicó a Santa Brígida de Suecia, que un papa que permitiera que los sacerdotes se casaran, iría al infierno. María a la visionaria:

"Pero ahora te diré la voluntad de Dios en este asunto ...
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The method of execution described to St. Bridget was one actually utilized in her time for the worst of criminals. Ouch!
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