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Another US Bishop “Credibly” Accused of Homosexual Abuses

New York Auxiliary Bishop John Jenik, 74, who has been the parish-priest at Our Lady of Refuge in the Bronx since 1978, was accused of "sexual abuse of a minor" or "inappropriate behaviour with one person", Cardinal Timothy Dolan announced on

The incidents allegedly occurred decades ago, between 1978 and 1985. Nevertheless a Lay Review Board concluded in a secret trial that the evidence against Jenik “is sufficient to find the allegation credible and substantiated”.

In a letter Jenik proclaimed his innocence, “I continue to steadfastly deny that I have ever abused anyone at any time.”

Jenkin is rehabbing from his first hip surgery and will undergoing a second hip surgery next month.

Picture: John Jenik, ©, #newsKsbpftjxaw
Lisi Sterndorfer
Who co-presided at his consecration as a bishop? Teddy.
Joseph a' Christian
Homosexuals are disordered, more and more Catholics are realizing the wisdom of our Church Law.
The talmud false jews, used their media outlets to promote homosexual fake marriage. Duplicitous creatures, while at the same time, naming perverse homosexual false priests- pedofiles.
Thanks to Almighty God, that we can klaim a victory in this ugly battle- putting our light upon the destruction … More
De Profundis
The minor involved was a 16 year-old "boy"