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If a Pope Can Reverse Church Teaching on Death Penalty, Why Not on Homosexuality?

The pro-gay New Ways Ministry uses Pope Francis’ “change” of Church teaching on the death penalty to argue in favour of accepting homosexuality.

Writing on (August 3), the group sees Francis' recent turnaround as proof that “Church teaching can [allegedly] change” even to its “opposite”.

According to the group, the current ecclesial discussions about homosexuality “have great potential to shape future changes in Church teaching in regard to those topics”.

Twitter-User Rorate Caeli therefore suggests the following change in the Catechism:

"For a long time, the Church considered homosexual acts intrinsically disordered. With a better understanding of human dignity, we now believe them to be delightful. The hierarchy is filled with people with such inclinations, a sign of divine favor."

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St. Basil the Great didn’t get the memo about that inviolable human dignity
We need 24 hour confession, perpetual adoration.. This sin of the church hurts ALL of us!!!! Pray for their conversion and move out the Masons set out to destroy the true church.. Think who is really behind this , Who hates the Truth most?!!!! The ole Boy! I think if I step inside a catholic school I will bring holy salt and holy water... then ask the priest to expel the evil in the buildings.. … More
How many McCarrick-style beach houses are there around the world where bishops host homosexual sex parties for Catholic clergy?