Dishonest Turin Archbishop Spreads Gay Propaganda

Turin Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia, Italy, organized in April a “retreat” for practicing homosexuals, (May 5) reported.

The retreat's message was that homosexual fornication is “fine” as long as fornication is performed “faithfully.” But “fidelity” to sin doesn't turn sin in something good.

The retreat was announced for the first time last year, but Nosiglia “cancelled” it because of public protests.

In order to cheat the public, Nosiglia now ordered to hold the shady event in secrecy. It became known only after it had happened.

Since Francis' election, the Italian Church is shaken by a homosexual frenzy. Avvenire, the bishops' daily, is engaging in a weekly campaign in favor of homosexual fornication.

Picture: Cesare Nosiglia, © Emaberto, Wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsKrccwtcnrx
Just look at his excellency’s photo. What a bitter poof!
Easy: the man sitting in the Turin's chair is one given to what Saint Paul says in Romans 1, one of those that didn't worship Him as God...
Indeed! You point to the very heart of the problem. Pope Benedict tells us too. It's apostasy!
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