American Priests Campaign for Homosex Adoptions

The anti-Catholic "Association of U.S. Catholic Priests" (AUSCP) campaigns not only for homosex pseudo-marriages but also for homosex adoptions, reports (April 15).

The AUSCP priests ask that all adoption agencies who receive state money be forced to hand over children to sexually deviant couples who are not true couples.

The priests therefore ask the U.S. Congress to pass a - what they call - Every Child Deserves a Family Act using a corresponding logo (see this article's illustration).

Founded in 2011, AUSCP is according to their own claim the largest association of priests in the U.S. As its “core values,” they indicate Francis buzzwords such as “Vatican II,” “compassion,” “synodality.”

The Church establishment is well disposed toward AUSCP. Chicago Archbishop Cupich presided the Eucharist for them in 2016. A year later, the AUSCP keynote address was delivered by Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory. Both are now Francis Cardinals.


"oh, Francis." @alfred dunn The AUSCP was founded in 2011, during the papacy of Benedict XVI. ;-)
alfred dunn
No, I meant that there is no one who is willing to thwart them now.
I happen to have first hand knowledge that one of those intimately involved with the formation of this group was very distressed that Benedict was elected.....VERY distressed. Apparently another was supposed to have won
@alfred dunn There wasn't anyone willing to thwart them during the first 13 years of their existence either. "oh, Benedict..." eh? ;-)
alfred dunn
Sick bishops, sick priests. Let's storm the Vatican about this....oh, Francis.
May God have mercy on them! Hell is forever!
This is an organization of openly dissident priests...... the headline is misleading