Bishop: "It Was Difficult to Face Death"

Rumbek Bishop-Elect Christian Carlassare, South Sudan, told that his gunshot injuries were life-threatening but he is recovering well, “It will take some time until I will again be able to walk.”

Carlassare is presently in a Nairobi hospital. He admits that it was difficult “to face this situation, to face death and to face all the problems that will come out from this shooting,” however he forgives the perpetrators.

“Justice must be always accompanied by mercy because the medicine of human relationships is given by mercy more than by justice,” he explained.

To, Carlassare said that if the attack wanted to intimidate him it had "the opposite effect.” He called it "normal" that the police investigation focuses on Church members.

During the attack he tried for a moment to find an escape route. Then he attempted to talk to the perpetrators who didn’t answer. Instead, they shot six or seven times, and four bullets hit his legs, seemingly without breaking bones.

Carlassare was convinced they came to kill him, “I just thought, so be it, I’m ready. My life is given.”

Such shots to the legs produce muscle, tissue and nerve damage sometimes resulting in limps and excruciating walking pain that can plague those affected throughout the remainder of their life. In Carlassare's case it's almost a miracle that the doctors could save his limbs.

Picture: Christian Carlassare,, #newsRdkodtuwvu