True? China Detains Christians In Mobile "Transformation Facilities"

China is detaining Christians in secretive, mobile "transformation" facilities to make them renounce their faith, Radio Free Asia (Rfa.org) claimed on April 1.

An "anonymous eyewitness" said, he was held in such a facility in a windowless room for ten months after a raid on his church in 2018. This was allegedly "a mobile facility, that could just set up in some basement somewhere."

The "eyewitness" claimed that he was beaten, verbally abused, and “mentally tortured” by staff from several different government departments, so that he eventually resorted to self-harm by throwing himself against a wall. Rfa.org has learned of “chillingly similar” reports by other (again anonymous) inmates.

Radio Free Asia is a United States government-funded anti-China propaganda instrument. It is therefore likely that their claims are false as in the case of Rfa.com's false narrative about a "persecution of the Uyghurs."

Picture: BitterWinter.org
Probable, even if unverified.