SSPX Superior Deeply Distressed By Francis

Father Davide Pagliarani, the Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), confessed that he is “deeply distraught” by Pope Francis’ “new application" of the concept of mercy.

Talking to the Austrian Salzburger Nachrichten (December 15), he said that Francis’ mercy is reduced to a "panacea for all sins" without pushing for a "true conversion”.

Pagliarani accuses Amoris Laetitia of allowing case by case decisions according to a "personal conscience" which reflects Luther’s subjectivism that no longer recognises the truth.

He further called it an "unforgivable sin" to exclude the Jews from the treasures of the Church by refusing to evangelise them.

alex j
Once again I thank Our Merciful Lord for St. Pius X. Priestly Society,
Can somebody fit him out in a white cassock, the Holy Spirit is with HIM!
Father is right. The worst form of anti-semitism imaginable is to tell Jews they are fine and dandy as is and don't need Jesus Christ.