French Bishop Surprised By Francis „Harshness”

“It is true that Francis' tone is harsh, and I was surprised. I admit that and I can say that I was surprised,” Arras Bishop Olivier Leborgne, 57, the French bishops' Vice-President, said about Traditionis Custodes on KtoTv.com.

Leborgne had the decency to admit that the Roman Rite faithful are “totally entrusted to the Lord and have a very beautiful spirituality.” Therefore, "we want to serve them in the communion of the Church, we who receive our ministry from the Lord through the Church and the Pope.”

Gloria.tv has learned that even Modernist bishops were surprised about Francis’ harshness, also because Benedict XVI is still alive.


Bishops are surprised when a Latin American dictator behaves like a Latin American dictator? I'm surprised that they're surprised.
Ja Paus Franciscus wil echt alle Tridentijnse Rooms Katholieken uitroeien. Maar het goede is God en het Kwade de Duivel. Het goede wint het altijd van het kwade. Wees niet bang God is met de Tridentijnse Rooms katholieken. Paus Franciscus is de Duivel.