“Spirit of the Council” Has Just Incarnated Itself in the Pigs of Gerasa

The “spirit of Vatican II” wanders about looking for bodies where it can become incarnate, Specula writes on InfoVaticana.com (July 18).

Since this spirit knows that it is facing imminent death, it is ready to incarnate itself even in the pigs of Gerasa on the way to the precipice (Mt 8:28-34), Specula writes.

The most recent example for this is Traditionis Custodes through which Francis, 84, unloads his hatred against the Roman Rite. Specula knows why, “The defenders of the spirit of the council never thought that the passage of time would wipe them off the map as they watch the Roman Rite which they hate so much, grow.”

For Specula, no one in his right mind believes that a priest will have to spend one second in purgatory for celebrating the Roman Rite, whether authorised or not.

Instead, he locates the problem here: Francis persecutes the Roman Rite but never says a word about the horrendous abuses perpetrated in the Novus Ordo, “They pretended not to see them, or they consider this to be good because it creates chaos.”

Picture: © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsRsfkodtsxw

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