Who Cares? Another Catholic Cathedral Vandalised (Video)

El Cajon St Peter’s Chaldean Catholic Cathedral, California, was defaced with Black-Live- Matter hate slogans, swastikas, pentagrams and upside-down crosses on September 26.

A surveillance video shows the crime (below). This is the last example in a long row of last week attacks:

• A statue of Christ was destroyed in El Paso's St Patrick Cathedral, Texas, by Black Lives Matter criminals. Ironically, El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz made headlines in June when kneeling with a Black Lives Matter sign.

• A criminal performed an arson attack in a Florida church.

• Another criminal damaged a crucifix and several doors at a Texas seminary with a baseball bat.

• A statue of St Therese was beheaded in a Midvale church, Utah.


There's a photo the media is going to bury deep as they can. The same people were conflating ANY violance against the left with Trump and ALL of his supporters, somehow Mr. Trump "contributed to a climate of violence and intolerance". Like so many hypocrites, they never apply their standards evenly.
These pictures are so distressing . . . the best thing we can do is make reparation to the Sacred Heart, as Our Lord requested at Paray-le-Monial to St Margaret Mary. Full details here:- The next First Friday devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is on March 6th 2020. Make reparation to the Sacred Heart!
Statue of Jesus desecrated at St. Joseph Catholic Cathedral, Baron Rouge, LA, September 24, 2020.