Sweden: Catholic Church Entangled In Pro-Abortion Organisations

Stockholm Diocese and Caritas Sweden are partners of pro-abortion and pro-contraception organisations, has found (December 10).

One of them is the Swedish Mission Council, an umbrella organisation for churches and development organisations that according to their website promotes “access to legal abortion and contraception”.

The members of this Council must embrace such “values”. Caritas Sweden is a member of the Council. The President of Caritas Sweden, Father Henrik Alberius o.p., is even on its board.

He informed that Stockholm Diocese - led by Cardinal Anders Arborelius - is also a member of the Council. further found that Caritas Sweden is a member of the pro-abortion organisation Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants that cooperates with the abortion network Planned Parenthood.

please pray for Cleansing of the church from evil
The pro abortion FrancisChurch.