How Anonymous? Viganó Wants to Unmask the Unmasked

The coronavirus concerns not only health issues but has social, economic, political, and religious implications, Archbishop Viganò writes on (May 14).

He predicts a future, when "powers" which think that "there is no higher authority than themselves," will control the governments and the Church. Viganò denounces “plans for a New World Order” promoted by international groups "that must be unmasked, understood, and revealed.”

It must however be said that the "powers" who flood the countries with decadence, leftwing judges, illegal immigrants, and trillions in debts, are all but "anonymous."

Picture: Carlo Maria Viganò, #newsWfhkafhhnu

Our weapons, the rosary, the crucifix, love of God and of our neighbor.
based on what I am experiencing, I would correct the dear, courageous Archbishop in only one thing............ that "...future..." is now The only thing in the way is President Trump - how long can he prevail ?