Francis Changes Doctrine by "Double-Talk" And "Stealth"

Francis' "double-talk" is what concerns John Rist, 83, a British professor of ancient philosophy and patristics, most.

Rist is one of the most distinguished scholars among the signees of the April letter which accuses Francis of heresy.

He told NcRegister.com (May 15) that uttering ambiguous and contradictory remarks on important issues must ultimately be viewed as a "planned attempt" to change doctrine by "stealth".

Occasional ambiguities could be attributed to muddle, Rist admits. But Francis’ "prolonged ambiguity" requires the conclusion that he designs to achieve "by stealth" what could not be achieved "by openly and unambiguously un-Catholic decrees".

Rome burns while the gravity of the situation where Francis seems bent on turning the Church into a vaguely spiritually flavored NGO, is not grasped by conservatives, Rist notes.

Picture: John Rist, #newsVoysdgfzbf