Schneider: Francis Follows "Materialistic Views”

Francis’ attacking the Roman Mass reveals his men-centred ideology which is primarily about earthly realities like "climate change" and environmentalism, Bishop Schneider told Steve Bannon.

He called this "a materialistic view” which is not the Church's mission because Christ came to save from sins and redeem from eternal damnation.

“Unfortunately in the decades after Vatican II - and now we have the culmination with the pontificate of Francis – it was an excessive stress on earthly realities, on man,” Schneider observed.

He notices that the Mass puts the primacy on eternity and, therefore, Francis [rightly] fears that it is hampering his secularism.


For those who actually bother to check the facts, Pope Francis is simply reiterating what Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI said about the environment and climate change.
Schneider: František sa riadi "materialistickými názormi"
Františkov útok na rímsku omšu odhaľuje jeho ideológiu zameranú na mužov, ktorej ide predovšetkým o pozemské skutočnosti, ako sú "klimatické zmeny" a environmentalizmus,
atreverse pensar
Dialectical materialism, perhaps better to say.