The Accusations Against the Vatican Deputy Secretary of State

La Fede Quotidiana (October 22) published excerpts of the document incriminating Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, the new Substitute in the Vatican Secretary of State. These are the main points:

• Peña is a protege of now retired Archbishop Robert Lükert León who was his parish-priest in the basilica of Our Lady of Chiquinquirà, Venezuela.

• Before entering seminary, Peña had an affair with Delsy Fuentes, a female parishioner.

• With the help of Father Lückert, Peña became a seminarian in San Cristobal where he had a homosexual affair with another seminarian. But the rapport about the incident describing Peña as a person with “very serious moral defects”, did not reach his archbishop Domingo Roa of Maracaibo because Lükert who had become Roa's vicar general, intercepted it. With the help of a reproduction of the original stationery and a calligrapher who forged the signatures, Lückert produced a news rapport.

• Peña was moved to a seminary in Caracas where he enjoyed the protection of the rector Jesus Enrique Hernandez Bracho, called ”Chulique” (”cute”).

• In La Vega, Caracas, Peña had an affair with a Portugal born female.

• There he became a friend of Father Figueroa Albornoz (today’s bishop of Puerto Cabello) of whom he knew “many particular things” so that Figueroa recommended Peña for ordination.

• Around 1989 Peña and another identified priest went with two medical students (age between 22 and 23) for an excursion to Lake Maracaibo. The two students touched an electric cave and where electrocuted. Their bodies were retrieved naked. After this, both priests left the country. Peña went to Rome and the other to the U.S.

• While studying at the Gregoriana in Rome, Peña had an affair with the wife of a Venezoelean academic who told others about it.

• After a holiday in Ex-Yugoslavia Peña transferred into an exquisite appartment in an exclusive area of Maracaibo together with a lady of the area.

• Cardinal Parolin was notified about Peña’s “indecent behaviour” when he was nuncio in Caracas.

Picture: Benedictus XVI, Edgar Peña, 2011, #newsFelhiswllk
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