Jesuit’s Red Light Chapel Wins "Interfaith" Award

A temple of the Jesuit religion in Salamanca, Spain, referred to as “Chapel of Encounter”, has received the “Best Religious Space of 2018” award by the Washington-based interfaith journal “Faith & Form”.

The Jesuit run noticed that the award was supported by “the Vatican”.

The jury praised an alleged union between architecture and [atheist] theology.


The walls and ceilings have the effect of being in a giant casket. Very disturbing and diabolical.
I do not see the cross of our God
Very reddish. The color of the devil
JESUS CHRIST is the TRUE light
Well! If they served the REAL God, their Temple would reflect His Grandeur.
Since it's only Lucifer - Christ forbids that it looks TOO ornate! 😌

Christ's Temple's show they are His Houses!
For example this beautiful Temple of the Rosary at Lourdes.........
Dr Bobus
Empty as a Jesuit Novitiate
Hollowed out altar where stone used to be.
Curtains to cover no stations to see.
Nothing to offer, no story to tell.
Stripped cold and bare, you did your job well.
A chapel to meet, come, come join with me.
Come gather round, my bare hollowed tree.