What year did Bugnini start working for the liturgical commission of Pius XII? 1948.
Sally Dorman
Deus, qui nobis sub Sacramento mirabili passionis tuæ memoriam reliquisti: tribue, quæsumus, ita nos Corporis et Sanguinis tui sacra mysteria venerari; ut redemptionis tuæ fructum in nobis jugiter sentiamus.
Jeffrey Ade
Super cool picture!
the church was infiltrated then can you imagine now?only Devine intervention can purge the evil out of the church now
Dr Bobus
Bugnini was not behind liturgical wreckovation. Jesuits were. Bugnini was just their stooge in the Vatican
Sally Dorman
Can you explain this more? Why Jesuits? Who?
Which pope "fired" Bugnini? The modernist John XXIII. That should tell you something about how dangerous this man was.