Cardinal Sarah Rushes to Help "Stricken Pastor"

Cardinal Robert Sarah supports Father Marc Guelfucci of St-Eugène Ste-Cécile parish in Paris.

Along with his assistant priest, Guelfucci was arrested for allegedly defying Covid measures during last Easter Vigil. Sarah read about the case which reminded him of the Prophet Zechariah as quoted by Christ on Holy Thursday, “I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered" (Mt 26:31).

According to LeSalonBeige.fr, Sarah remembers his March 2015 visit to St-Eugène Ste-Cécile where he saw “a parish community whose fervour touched me.”

While Sarah shows solidarity with the parish, “conservative” Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit started his own Covid investigation against the priests.

Covid measurers are mainly used to curb the Church's activity. When the oligarchs' "Black Lives Matter" rioted in Paris in June 2020, nobody worried about Covid measures, least the police.

Picture: © LeSalonBeige.fr, #newsSwwqxlctef