World Youth Day: Francis Bishop Presides Beach Eucharist In Shorts

The Argentinian Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Miñarro, 58, has presided a New Rite "Beach Eucharist" during the recent World Youth Day in Panama.

AdoracionYLiberacion.com (February 2) published the pictures.

For the occasion, Miñarro dressed himself in shorts and sat in a beach chair. He used a towel on the sand as his New Rite “meal table”.

The water he needed for his self-made liturgy came from a plastic bottle.

Miñarro was named a Merlo-Moreno auxiliary bishop by Francis in September 2016. He is responsible for the Argentinian youth.

A standard bit of FrancisSacrilege.
Not to worry God won’t waste his time on these morons they fooling themselves and wasting their own time on stupidity.
God will not be mocked!!!
Sickening a disgrace to the episcopal office
More than embarrassing to see...