After Nude Video: Priest Removed

Bishop Mueggenborg of Reno, Nevada, has removed Rev. Honesto Agustin from his duties as a parish priest after a nude video of him was posted online.

Mgr. Mueggenborg said on 30 April that a suspicious social media account, a duplicate account with Agustin's name and picture, recently posted a ten-second video of him undressed and alone in his home.

After being alerted to the video, the diocese hired an independent investigator who concluded that the video was real and not generated by AI. The diocese doesn't believe the priest has committed any crime.

A complaint has already been filed with law enforcement against the person who allegedly created the account and posted the video.

The vetting process needs to be greatly tightened.
No crime was committed - splitting hairs. The sin of scandal has been committed. What act of reparation will the bishop do?
Nasty…. 😡 🤮 🤮
The diocese 'not believing he's committed any crime' is exactly the problem.
Opera 369
...The diocese ' does not believe the priest has committed any crime' ; had the video been of the priest 'praying the Rosary on his knees'.... maybe the 'diocese' would then believe he had committed a major crime! 😡