For Francis: A Church And A Mosque Are The Same Thing

In a March 7 prayer for the war victims in Mossul, a northern Iraqi city heavily damaged by NATO bombings, Francis said: “Lord our God, in this city, we see two signs of the perennial human desire for closeness to you: the Al-Nouri Mosque, with its Al-Hadba minaret, and the Church of Our Lady of the Hour.”

Francis is wrong, because a Catholic church is not a sign of the "perennial human desire" for closeness to God, but the place where the Most Holy Trinity which Moslems abhor, comes to and into men.

While avoiding the symbols of his Church, Francis used show effects of this world and released a dove as "symbol of peace" (video below).


Building on the article's astute observation. "Lord Our God" as Pope Francis addresses Him, is not worshipped in mosques. Allah is and they are not the same being. The Quran in Surah 112 states that Allah " "...begets not, nor is He begotten". Allah has no son. The Lord Our God does. Therefore, Allah is not The Lord Our God, he's some other god, a false one.