Canadian Lockdown: Deep-Frozen Masses

Montreal Catholics celebrate Holy Mass outside Marie-Reine Cathedral due to legalistic Covid measures.

Father Emanuel Zenito (below) has been posting pictures of the open-air Masses celebrated in a tent since December 26. The article’s picture shows Catholics kneeling in the snow on January 3.

The open-air Masses are celebrated on Sundays (9.30, 12.15 and 17.00) and daily (12.15). Zenito explains that it was the faithful who motivated him to continue his mission. Presently, temperatures in Montreal are around -15° (5° Fahrenheit).



Thank you, Father Zenito; for your courage in the face of the evil one and in pleasing God and helping your flock to worship God in spite of evil incarnate.
I wonder if our "Abrahamic brothers" in Islam are being forced to stand in the snow outside their mosques?
Facts Not Lies
LIkely not... the cops fear them
Why ever would they fear people who follow the Religion of Peace? ;-)
It isn't the Jews who pray in mosques, bro. They don't follow The Religion of Peace, either.
I wonder whether our Abrahamic brothers, the Jews are forced to worship outside?
That would be religious discrimination since they aren't Christians. :P
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Praise the Lord for these good priests , Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords ,these evil covid laws mandated ,by evil deceived politicians will not last ,soon they will be replaced by men of good will
3rd Order Postulant
You GO, Canada! Prayers your way.